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This Christmas: To My Son

Dear Finley,
It’s that time of year again.

The stores are crowded with people and, when we go outside for walks, we have to layer you up. Your little self is still used to Ugandan weather and so, it’s taking a little getting used to, this take your breath away chill in the air. I bundle you in hats and coats and kiss your freezing cold cheeks as we run our errands. Baby on my hip. Smile on my face. You make me so happy, Finley. It takes a lot longer running errands with you, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last year, I remember getting ready for Christmas and having a lump in my throat the whole time. Being on the edge of tears for reasons I couldn’t explain in a sentence. I would wrap a present and think of you. Make cookies and wonder where you were. What you were doing that very instant. What name we would name you when you were with us.

It was only a few days until Christmas and suddenly I realized I had to get you your first ornament. I felt like such a bad mommy that I hadn’t thought of it before. Even though you wouldn’t be physically with us that year, you were being carried in my heart. each. and. every. day.

And so, all of a sudden, I threw myself into searching. It’s all I could think about. I had to find you the perfect ornament. And, then, finally I found it.

This year, I didn’t even have to think about what to get you for your first year with us. It was there in front of me, and it was perfect. A little sailboat made out of fabric for the little man who came all the way from across oceans to be with us. Our beautiful little man. Our Finley Asiimwe.

A few days ago, we laid under the Christmas tree, and I taught you how to stare up at the pretty lights and ornaments like me and my daddy used to do.

And, even though your little, you marveled.

You would look at the tree, look at me, and put your little finger back in your mouth, content to just stare. Pressing our heads together, we laid size by side. My arm around you. Both of us staring up. Enchanted. Enjoying the simpleness of life. We laid there until it was your bedtime and I had to pull you away. I love making memories. And, even though you may be too young to remember it, that night will always be one of my favorites.

I am so thankful for you, Finley, and everything you bring to your daddy and my life. We couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present this year then you. We love you more then you know, little man, and I am so so happy and honored that God chose you to be our son. You are perfect to us in every single way.

I love you to the moon and back.




AbiQ, is married to the love of her life and best friend. They currently live in a snug little apartment in the east bay with their little man, Finley Asiimwe, and two pups, Lexi Louanne and Mr. Mogley Winchester. AbiQ and her husband man just brought their baby boy, Finn, home from Uganda last month.


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All This Time, We Were Waiting for Each Other; All This Time, I was Waiting for You

It’s a boy.
He is five months old.
And his given name {from the orphanage} is Asiimwe Joseph.

My dear sweet baby boy,

As you’re sleeping, across the ocean, do you know how much you’re loved right now?
Can you feel it from that far away?
I so badly hope with all my heart that last night someone whispered in your little ear and told you that you had a family.
That you can feel the difference in your heart too.
Your daddy and I are no longer two but three. And, we, my son, are a family.

Do you understand how many people are dying to meet you? It’s so crazy to me the emails and letters and calls pouring in today. Family and friends and even perfect strangers sharing in our celebration day. Crying with us. The happiness. The oh-my-goodness-when-do-you-get-to-go-get-him? They’re as anxious as we are. And, we haven’t even been granted our adoption yet or met you or seen a picture. Can you imagine the party that we’ll throw when you’re finally here in our arms? There are so so many people who are out there praying and wishing you home with us.

And, it’s a bit overwhelming to feel so much love. But, we are so very thankful for it.

We took pictures last night after we found out you were ours.
They are terrible pictures.
Our eyes are closed, and I’m in pajamas.
But, we’re beaming.
And crying.
And happy. So very very happy.

One of the biggest questions we’ve been asked is if we have a picture of you yet. And, while we have yet to see your little face, there is no denying you are the one we have been waiting for.

Your given middle name is your daddy’s middle name. And your first name? It means thanks to God. So appropriate I couldn’t help but cry when I heard the translation.

I can’t believe this whole time I was waiting for you, anxious to get you home, and you weren’t even born yet. When I bought you lots of Christmas ornaments last year because you had to have one for every year, I only had to buy one in reality. What will I do with all the others I wonder?

I can’t believe you will be so little.
You will spend your first Christmas with us.
How is that even possible?
I will get to see your first step. So many milestones I was prepared to miss.
But, I get to be there now. Holding your hand along the way.

Last night, after our family calls had been made, Daddy and I couldn’t go to bed yet. We were too excited. Too anxious and nervous. Too many thoughts running through our head.
We kept looking at each other, getting a half crazy grin and whispering over and over.
“We have a baby. You’re a dad. I’m a mom. We. have. a. baby!”

And so, we bought you your first {two} we-just-found-out-your-our-son presents. They’re rather darling, and I’ve been dying to buy both but was waiting until I knew you for sure were a “he.”

I love you, my sweet little man. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet head.

Sweet dreams.

Your Mommy



Abigail, or AbiQ, is married to the love of her life and best friend. They currently live in a snug little apartment in the east bay with their two pups, Lexi Louanne and Mr Mogley Winchester. And, those pups are in for some change. Right now, AbiQ and Husband Man are in Uganda bringing home their baby boy Finley Lane. Though an internet connection may be hard to come by, you can haunt their adoption blog until the news is posted that he is in their arms–looks like she’s still tweeting and their Finley is safely in their arms!


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