We enjoyed many parks over this past summer…especially those with water.

No matter how many times Max has seen this fountain. {You know, the one that is going strong one minute and then stops the next.}

He always forgets that the fountain of water will return.

I am the same way when it comes to my faith in God. No matter how many times I have seen God’s faithfulness, I forget and start to think things through on my own. It never works and just leads to worry-filled thoughts that are only focused on me.

We would love to grow our family by adding more children to the mix. I get so worked up about it – poor Wes. Do we adopt again? Maybe I’ll get pregnant. Go through the same agency? Try a new one? What if I would get pregnant and I miscarry? When should we start the adoption process? What if we have a horrible experience with the birthmom? What if she changes her mind? Seriously, I could go on and on wasting your time and mine with these thoughts. Obviously, these aren’t evil questions, and it’s good to think things through, but when I find myself holding on so tightly to them, that’s where it begins to get messy. As soon as these thoughts enter my mind, I need to release them to God. He will carry all of my burdens.

One of these days, Max will remember that the water will return every time.

And one of these days today, I will remember that I can immediately hand my worry-filled thoughts over to God because He is faithful in all He does.


Abby Akers

Abby has been married to her college sweetheart, Wes, for 7 years. After 5 years of infertility, they began the journey of domestic adoption. Blessed with a (more than they had planned) open adoption experience, they were able to witness the birth of their first child, Max, last summer. Wes and Abby are trusting God as he leads them in their relationship with Max’s birth family.  You can follow their story at Akers of Love.

3 Responses to Forgetful

  • Lynda says:

    AMEN to that statement of fact!! Can testify that 18 years ago this November open adoption is the way the Lord began our family. I cut the cord when Cameron was born. We are still close with his birthmother and have celebrated with her as she’s gone on to marry and have a family of her own. International adoption was the path to the remaining members of our family. I have been blessed with 4 beautiful children here in this lifetime and 8 I’ve yet to meet waiting for me in Heaven. God is good and He will lead you on the next set of steps you need to take. God bless.

  • Elya says:

    Amen!!! And so beautifully put. =)

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